The Tesla Solar Roof is a gorgeous product with a prohibitively high cost to install. The actual total cost of a Tesla solar roof depends on several factors including the size of your home, needed energy output, location, and roof size. To compare the cost of the solar roof to a traditional solar system, check out our price comparison of Tesla’s solar roof vs. traditional panels. Under the same sq. $22-$28 per s.f. The company also recommends purchasing the … The actual total cost of a Tesla solar roof will depend on how much energy your home uses and the size of your home. As far as which version to get, in October 2019, Tesla announced the official launch of the new Tesla Solar Roof V3, the latest version available. For the leaked solar roof quote provided to Electrek, Tesla estimated that the price of energy over 30 years would cost $65,466.That equates to … With this number, there is a +/- of about $0.50/watt since the Tesla solar calculator uses 10% increments. According to Tesla’s handy solar calculator, the new system will set an average homeowner back $51,200 for a 70% solar roof. The Tesla Solar Roof is estimated to cost about $2.11 per installed watt, as noted by Green Building Advisor. 130 mile per-hour wind warranty: 30 years. Tesla Solar Roof Cost Comparison for Alberta. Thus the purchase price of the total system roof is $54,866. As a retrofit on an existing roof… well, you decide. $2.80 to $3.50 per watt: Total Installed cost: $42,850 to $68.650: $52,360 to $80,100: $19,600 to $27,370, Plus the cost of a new conventional roof. We signed up in November 2019 and they started the install March 2, 2020. Right now, it’s largely a premium solution for early adopters who don’t mind paying more to access cutting-edge technology in high demand. We need a new roof (3rd in 20+ years) and so for us, the decision to do the solar roof was not a difficult one. Interested in Tesla Solar & Solarglass? According to their head-to-head comparison of the Tesla Solar Roof vs. solar panels for the same house, the Tesla Solar Roof cost 48.9% more and yielded just 2.79% of the savings that the solar panels delivered. Renewable energy-conscious homeowners should compare the cost of Tesla’s roof system to the combined cost of a new non-solar roof PLUS the cost of a solar panel system. Tesla claims that is attractive if an entire new roof is being considered, as in new home construction. The cost of solar panels relies on location and also depends on system size Tesla solar panels. Based on the above assumptions, a Tesla Solar Roof will cost $43,590 (before any energy profits have been applied). Expect Tesla solar roof shingles to cost about USD $22 per square foot ($2,200/SQ). Therefore, the total cost for a new roof and solar panel system would be only $26,105.50 — HALF the cost of Tesla’s Solar Roof. Cost of tesla solar panel in kilowatt is estimated to be $3,350 per KW and $3.35 per watt. Using these calculations, the cost of the solar portion of Tesla’s Solar Roof comes out to $6.30/watt. Last fall, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk first unveiled these photovoltaic, tempered-glass roofing tiles, Consumer Reports performed a cost analysis and determined that, for a Solar Roof … In this video we will go over our full costs for the Tesla Solar Roof. That would make it a closer pricing comparison! Conventional asphalt shingles cost around $4 per square foot ($400/SQ). The new roof design will cost around $42,500 for a 2,000-square-foot roof with 10kW of solar capacity before tax credits (or about $21.25 per square foot), according to Tesla… Power output warranty: 30 years. The federal tax credit on that system is $10,581 on the value of energy for almost over 25years and with $51,394 Net prices over 25years. Anyone who invests in the Solar Roof should also be willing to contend with more frequent maintenance than a traditional solar array might require. That being said, there are a few long-term benefits of Tesla’s shingles over the traditional system: Tesla’s shingles are guaranteed for life. This makes most of us wonder if traditional solar panels on regular roofs make a wiser option. Question 5: Are the Tesla solar roof tiles worth the cost premium over regular PV arrays? We installed the Tesla Solar Glass V3 tiles at our house back in January of 2020. Tesla is targeting the pricing of its solar roof system to be competitive with the cost of a new conventional roof plus solar panels. 2019 updates Elon Musk announced Tesla’s work on the 3rd version of the Solar Roof in late-2018, and he spoke to progress on the product at a shareholder’s meeting, saying the company has approached finalizing the new version. Tesla Solar Roof Cost: $38,220; Solar Panels + Asphalt Shingles Cost: $23,020; The difference is much less, but you’re still spending quite a bit more on the Tesla solar shingles than traditional solar panels on a separate asphalt roof. According to the Tesla website, each solar tile includes invisible solar cells that have been developed in … We used Tesla’s cost estimator to get an estimate of the total costs of a solar roof for an 1,800 square foot roof in Long Beach, California, with an electric bill of $150 per month. Even solar contractors like myself, while certainly interested in the concept, are leery about the costs of training crews to install a product that is still undergoing repeated changes in materials and methods. Bottom line: For sure, $70,000 to $100,000 is a lot to spend on a roof. There has been several updates from previous versions which include larger Tesla roof tiles that have increased power density, lower production costs and are now made for easier installation. This means, if you are looking to install a Tesla solar roof on a 3,000 square foot home, it could cost you somewhere around $60,000. And like you, we found the SolarRoof was cheaper than a new roof (tile in our case) and solar. 3 IN 1 ROOF: Tesla Solar Roof: PV Solar Panels: Cost: $18-$24 per s.f. The install was completed April 2. A solar roof from Tesla would consist of a combination of solar tiles and non-solar tiles which both look the same from street level, the ratio of which will vary depending on your home’s energy needs. In an interview with Energysage in June 2019, a northern California customer who had a Tesla solar roof installed as well as three Powerwalls gave some details and an overview of the cost of the installation. FYI, solar tiles can’t be installed on all areas of the roof, so Tesla is manufacturing matching tiles both with and without solar … 2,000 s.f. The solar roof's failures come at a tough time for Elon Musk and Tesla, who are fighting with lawsuits over the SolarCity deal. In the end, we find out that the tesla roof makes sense only if you must spend money on a roof anyway. Elon later stated that the “traditional” roof he was referring to was made of ceramic or concrete tile, which would cost around the $5/square foot. The cost price for a 2,500 square foot home would therefore be around $54,000. Tesla solar shingles cost at present is $21.35 per square foot. Costs & Warranty comparison for the Tesla Solar Roof tiles. Dow solar shingles Tesla estimates that their solar tiles cost around $21.85 per square foot of roof space, with 35% of the roof tiles being solar tiles and the remaining being matching, non-solar tiles. I expect the Tesla solar roof to perform about the same as an ordinary 6-kilowatt system. Now the moot point is the promise of lower cost or cost savings offered by Tesla CEO Elon Musk while unveiling the solar roof concept in 2016. As a result, payable amount for the tesla solar system will remain $38,868.38 after federal tax credit. Install price: Tesla claims $1.99 per Watt ( we hope that will come to fruition and remain cautiously optimistic) Product warranty: 30 years. Referral code for discount:'s of comments on my shirt, we actually made it! Looking at the figures, the roof also seems to undercut the cost of buying a roof and panels separately. The company offer the cost of a tesla solar roof at $21-22 per sq. In other words, with the Solar Roof you pay almost 50% … For a 1,200 square foot home with an electric bill of about $150 per month, the estimated cost for a Tesla roof installation would come to approximately $24,412, with other factors potentially altering the final cost. Compared to the cost of a metal roof, the Tesla Solar Roof was $20,737.24 more. Tesla has been advertising $1.50 per watt solar panel installations after government Tax Rebates and if you can get a complete asphalt roof for $8,000 or less, and 8,000 watt Tesla panel system and roof could only cost $20,000.00 so get prices for both in your area. ft., which is already nearly twice that of other conventional roofing solutions. So, Tesla V3 solar roof cost is $38,266, including Powerwall battery $10,600, roof site repairs $8,500 and order credits is-$42,500.